Goldie Hawn: Aging with Charm and Energy

Goldie Hawn used to be a fantastic actor. Perhaps the youthful beauty is no longer there, but Goldie still exudes amazing charm and vigor.


Some doubters claimed that Goldie was five years older than Kurt Russell and that her spouse would soon leave for a younger one at the beginning of their love affair, but now everyone is admiring Hawn and aspiring to be like her.

Goldie adheres to her own set of rules. She goes on vacations with her devoted spouse, engages in yoga and dance, dines out with friends, and dresses like a young student.

The actress recently visited a fashion club with her companions. The actress wore a cropped leather jacket, thin trousers, and a lace-trimmed linen blouse with a plunging neckline.

Positive thinking, as Goldie admits, makes her look fantastic. Hawn began meditating daily after learning about Eastern philosophy and Buddhism in 1972.

The actress is certain that all you need to be happy and beautiful is to give yourself permission to be so.

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