Two sisters spent 300,000 $ on plastic surgery and showed what they used to look like – the before and after photos are stunning

Twin sisters Chie and Chika Yoshikawa are well-known in Japan for routinely spending money on plastic surgery in an endeavor to achieve “perfect features.”

If you were to compare Chie and Chika’s appearances in their early twenties to their current appearances at age 34, you could think that they are two entirely different people.

From the pictures you see of them on social media, their appearance—including their noses, eyes, and even eyeballs—has drastically changed.

The sisters stated that they had undergone cosmetic surgery for roughly 40 million yen . Facelifts, filler injections, and other treatments on their eyes and nose were among them.

Despite experiencing significant agony and requiring significant recuperation time, the twins have no regrets. Chie and Chika claim that they were fixated on changing their faces since they were always being compared to children.

Each person wanted to single out one of the sisters, whether it was because of their physical characteristics or their academic abilities. The constant comparisons had a significant negative influence on their mental health, and they gradually made it a habit to often examine oneself in the mirror to look for flaws.

When they were old enough, they realized that the easiest way to improve their appearance was through surgery. Chie and Chika no longer look alike because the sisters underwent various procedures.

When Chie first started sharing images of herself on social media, one user called her “pig nose,” and she took the insult to heart. She then asked her plastic surgeon to reduce the tip of her nose and shorten some of the cartilage.

When she revealed the new look, some of her followers remarked, “It’s a mistake, it was better before.” She consequently continued to alter the image. The child soon understood she would never be able to please everyone despite undergoing five procedures in quick succession.

One of the girls’ most recent treatments involved removing fat from their mouth corners. They also have less fat on their cheekbones.

The twins acknowledge that some plastic surgery can go too far, but they still believe it has made a positive difference in their lives.

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