This woman now looks like this after shedding 352 pounds!

Nikki Weber, an American who is only 34 years old, has always been overweight because of her ravenous appetite for cakes and hamburgers.

As she got older, the girl decided she wanted to reduce weight and started trying to follow rules. Yet each time, she let go of restraint and started consuming fatty and sugary stuff. As soon as she hit 650 pounds, she understood she needed to make changes in her life.

Nikki’s parents didn’t try to encourage her to lead a healthy lifestyle or perceive her condition as a general one, thus she finally lost the ability to walk or get out of bed on her own. She consequently relocated to live with her parents. Even better, they devised a creative means to transport meals to her on the second story.

The “My Entire 661 Pounds” program helped save it. The go-ahead was obtained for Nikki to take part in the activity. The program encourages weight loss and assists obese individuals in doing so. A customized diet was created for the youngster by nutritionists after surgery to reduce the size of her stomach.

Nikki had legitimate fears about her ability to control her desires and achieve, but these worries were unfounded. She gathered herself and confronted her fears. After the procedure, she lost 198 pounds.

Nikki underwent a second procedure to get rid of extra, sagging skin that may have weighted up to 55 pounds after she lost the total of 352 pounds. Nikki weighs 198 pounds, but she is not content with that; she exercises frequently and walks a lot every day. Even Nikki struggles to understand how she was able to shed the pounds and transform into a beautiful woman going about her regular life.

As both Marcus and Nikki were gym members, they first met. They immediately fell in love with one another.

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