Julia Roberts’ 16-year-old daughter looks just like her mother

One of the most attractive actresses is Julia Roberts. She has been wed to Denis Moder since 2002. Two sons and a daughter named Hazel make up their family of 3.

At 54 years old, Julia. But based solely on how she seems, it is impossible to determine her age. She prefers to spend more time on her interests and family. Nonetheless, there is a sense that Hazel may soon surpass her mother.

Now sixteen years old, she. She will undoubtedly become more attractive as she ages.

In 2004 on November 28th, Hazel was born. Julia kept the girl’s identity a secret for a very long time. She didn’t want the infant to come under attack from reporters and admirers. Yet, the infant did occasionally end up in the pictures. Everyone noticed how beautiful the girl was becoming because of her blonde hair, blue eyes, and attractive facial characteristics.

The girl initially resembled her dad more, but over time she also started to resemble her mother. She had big eyes, high set brows, and a flat nose with slightly wider nostrils. The girl also has an intriguing feature: a scarlett Johansson-like appearance.

Julia is not attempting to get popularity. She thinks her daughter should pursue a regular career. Although she has had two brief roles, Hazel has yet to have the opportunity to try her hand at modeling or acting.

Hazel most likely won’t be the poster child for the golden youth who relies on parental influence and wealth to achieve. She won’t require that kind of assistance either.

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