“Got fat and old”: new pictures of 70-years-old Kirsty Alley appeared on the network

During her most impressive period as an actor, Kirsty frequently worked with John Travolta. He possessed all the traits required to work in cinema and identify his own niche—beauty, intelligence, and talent.

With the movies “Summer School,” “Look Who’s Talking,” and “The Cursed Village,” we are all familiar with him. The family appeared to have gathered around the TV to watch the movie with her only yesterday, but the 70-year-old woman we now know is nothing like the one we knew then.

Recently, new images of the celebrity have surfaced online. Spies came across the woman on one of Hollywood’s streets and spoke with her. The actress’s dramatic transformation and present persona startled her followers.

“Time, what have you done with her?” and “How deplorably ugly she has grown to be.” “That could have been better,” users of social network comment on the picture.

Faithful supporters defended the actress and responded to the critics, asking, “What did you want? She’s 70 years old! “, “As good as before,” “Don’t pay attention to anyone,” “Kirsty, you look lovely,”

You liked this actress, right? What do you think of the way she looks right now?

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