Photographer Beautifully Captures the Brief Life of a Newborn Twin

Pregnant women frequently have dreams in which they hold their unborn child. It surely appeared miraculous when Ohioans Lyndsay and Matthew Brentlinger gave birth to a healthy set of twins.

Doctors warned the Brentlingers that their son William had heart defects and was probably going to be stillborn while they were expecting him. But on December 17, 2016, the couple joyfully welcomed their son and daughter Reagan into the world.

As new parents, Lyndsay and Matthew were overjoyed. They also knew that due to his cardiac problems, William’s time on earth would be limited.
Mom stated to HuffPost:

“I was pleased to see that Will was doing well and that they had finally arrived. Yet I was afraid I may lose him.

To preserve the priceless moments the family shared together, a friend of the Brentlingers devised a scheme. She called local photographer Lindsey Brown at the last minute to arrange a photo shoot.
Brown (of Lindsey Brown Photography) was obviously fully booked given how close Christmas was. Yet given the situation, she didn’t think twice about going to the family’s house with her camera.

To the Huffington Post, Brown said:

“I immediately realized I had to do something for them. Who could ever say no to it if they had a heart?

On December 20, Brown performed her magic during the family Brentlinger photo shoot.
While she took pictures of the adorable twins, they were cuddled up next to one another. Some of them show Baby William looking awake.

According to Lindsey Brown on CNN:

I was astounded by how stunning they both appeared. Tiny Reagan hardly opened her eyes while she slept, but William, who was wide awake, appeared to be trying to take it all in. The entire time I was there, that was extremely bittersweet.

The Brentlingers posed on the couch cradling their small children for family pictures. Each and every one will always be loved.

That Lyndsay and Matthew were able to love their son and treasure unique moments as a family of four is a luxury.

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