You will never guess to whom Kirk Douglas leaves his $50 million fortune

When Kirk Douglas passed away at the age of 103, he gave the majority of his alleged $61 million wealth to charity.

Kirk Douglas - Turner Classic Movies

A recent article in The Mirror states that the Kirk Douglas Theater, Sinai Temple in Westwood, St. Lawrence College, and Los Angeles Children’s Hospital will all receive $50 million from the Douglas Foundation. St. Lawrence College is the alma mater of Douglas.
Michael Douglas pays tribute to dad Kirk Douglas on one-year anniversary of  his death
The foundation’s website states that its goal is to “assist those who are otherwise unable to help themselves.” Douglas, a poor child of Jewish immigrants, donated to numerous organizations, hospitals, and schools as a result of his upbringing.
They include movements at his former high school, in Amsterdam, New York, as well as in Jerusalem and Southern California. Where his remaining wealth will go is unknown, although his son Michael, who is also a well-known actor, is reported to be out of luck (along with his two other less-famous sons).
Anne Douglas, widow of actor Kirk Douglas, dies at 102
Yet it doesn’t appear that Michael required the additional funds given that his estimated net worth is $300 million. Also, Douglas and his wife revealed their foundation and their desire to donate the funds to charity in an interview they gave to The Hollywood Reporter in 2015.
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