8-month-old baby boy found alive in Louisiana field one day after going missing

Thankfully, the infant, named Niguel Jackson, was found before he could suffer any injury. On March 15, his mother had arrived at a fire station in need of medical attention.

The mother disclosed that her kid was alone after first responders had transported her to the hospital. Authorities were informed by the woman’s relatives that the infant had been with her when she left for the fire station to seek medical assistance.

After receiving medical attention, Nigel’s mother was brought to the search area to aid police in finding her missing child.

“We were able to bring the mother to the scene, city police took the mother, and the mother showed them a spot on Plank Road near a church,” said Curt Monte of the Baton Rouge Fire Department.

Little Niguel was discovered “alive and healthy” in a field near Plank Road in Baton Rouge a few hours later, following a coordinated effort involving both ground and air search groups. In the event that he wasn’t located by dusk, investigators had worried about low temperatures.

The baby was tough, but the time didn’t offer us much hope, EMS spokesperson Mike Chustz told The Advocate.

Niguel’s mother won’t be charged, said to Lieutenant Don Coppola, spokesman for the Baton Rouge Fire Department. According to sources, the occurrence had a clear connection to the physical condition she had being treated for.

Chustz continued, “I think he’s going to be alright. The medics got on him and started treating him right soon.

“You know, it’s still in a dangerous location, but I still believe that seeing the condition he was in was essentially a miracle. I certainly did not anticipate that.

However, despite the obviously absurd circumstances, I’m glad that everything worked out in the end and that Niguel was discovered uninjured and secure.

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