She loves to show the goods with her face! Miley shares nսde selfies again

She is untamed! Miley Cyrus posed for a breathtaking set of naked photos early on Thursday, September 10, wearing nothing but red lipstick and glitter eyeshadow.

The “Midnight Sky” singer, 27, posed for the sensual pictures while sporting her chic mullet styled in a sloppy bun. She embellished each image with adorable stickers, including lips and XOXO.


On his “Joe Rogan Experience” podcast in September, the singer of “Malibu” said, “That’s why I’m looking for an older man.

“Neither a man nor a woman needs to take care of me. I have the tools I require, including money, to take care of myself. I need them to be able to take care of them.

Although being aware of what she is looking for, Miley isn’t in a rush to find a new relationship. She is determined to enjoying this “extremely essential era” of her life. The formerly famous Hannah Montana asserted,

After her separation with Liam, 30, and subsequent two-month relationship with Kaitlynn Carter from The Hills: New Beginnings, she said, “I haven’t been single since I suppose… approximately five years.” This led her to date Cody, 23, for more than a year.

Being a “single, badass, matured, evolved, secure girl that’s done a lot of work,” she is extremely proud of this fact.

It can be challenging to swallow the speculations about her personal life, though. She continued by saying that the inspiration for her most recent song, “Midnight Sky,” came from the criticism she received for dating Kaitlynn, 32, so soon after her breakup with Liam.

The “Slide Away” artist said, “I feel like, as a woman, I was villainized for moving on,” on Alex Cooper’s “Call Her Daddy” podcast. They painted me in a disloyal light, which is totally contrary to who I am. The most essential thing in the world—my character—is insulted by you. It is my foundation.

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