When they encounter a family who has survived in the wild for 80 years, they realize they can indeed live like the Mountaineers.

Despite their challenging living conditions, the mountaineers seem content with their simple lifestyle. They have a profound awareness of the natural world and have mastered the art of harmonious coexistence with it.

They have been able to preserve their ancient way of life by passing along their knowledge and traditions from generation to generation.

Climbers who came across this isolated home were surprised by the contrast between the simplicity of the mountaineers’ way of life and the contemporary technology and civilization of the outside world.

The independence and self-reliance of the mountaineers shocked them. The mountaineers’ friendliness and willingness to welcome guests into their homes also astounded the climbers. The style of life of the mountaineers serves as a gentle reminder that there are many different ways to live and that progress and civilization are not the only paths to pleasure.

It serves as a reminder that living simply and in harmony with nature may be just as fulfilling as living in the quickly advancing contemporary and technological world.

Overall, the discovery of this distant residence by the climbers served as a reminder that there are still groups of people who have chosen to live far from modern society and that it is possible to have a tranquil, independent life free from the bustle of civilization.

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