When the student’s child started crying, the instructor had a wonderful, unexpected response.

A photo of Sydney Engelberg, a lecturer at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, holding a crying baby during class, has recently gained a lot of attention online. Many people have been struck by the snapshot that one of his students captured because of its relevance.

According to Engelberg’s daughter, her father frequently gets older students because he teaches at the master’s level and has 45 years of experience. South Africa is where Engelberg is originated from. Since many of these students are young, single mothers, they regularly bring their children to class.

The sight of Engelberg soothing a crying baby in class is so stunning because he encourages these moms to bring their kids to class rather than keep them separate. Just as the mother in the photo was about to depart, Engelberg decided to pick up the crying child and comfort him.

Then he continued with his plans as if nothing had happened. Many students attend Engelberg’s classes with their children, and some even offer their kids something to eat in class.

Engelberg doesn’t understand why the film was so popular, despite the fact that it has attracted a lot of online attention. According to his daughter, he thinks everything is completely normal. She underlines that for her father, education entails more than just learning facts in a classroom; it also entails studying moral principles. She goes on to state that her father wants the rest of the world to hear this important message.

Finally, the picture of Sydney Engelberg consoling a distraught kid in front of the class is a potent reminder of the importance of compassion and understanding in the classroom.

Additionally, it highlights how important it is to foster an environment that welcomes all students, especially those who might be carrying children. Parents and educators everywhere may learn from Engelberg’s actions, and his message about the importance of values in education has to be widely shared.

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