What their daughters look like: The wife is not very attractive, whereas the girl is regarded as being lovely.

Despite some claims to the contrary, the young Korean couple has been blissfully married for four years. They already have two gorgeous kids, but they still want more. However, the general public is horrified and thinks that a spouse who is so dull is not a match for a woman who is so beautiful. Lucile appears to be a doll.

Dio, however, lacks such extensive information. The young folks nevertheless kept getting married in spite of this. While raising their two daughters, the couple is content with one another. The surprised bystanders assumed that Lucile had married for her husband’s fortune after they looked at the newlyweds.

The girl’s wealth was later shown to be significantly greater than Dio’s. Their love transcends social standards, which is the one thing that sets it apart. The first child of Lucile and Dio was born in 2016, a daughter. She has a stunning face, huge eyes, and waves in her hair.

In 2018, the second girl was born. Additionally, she has lovely facial features and expressive eyes. Dio started a business and is now considerably wealthier than he was previously. In this way, they demonstrated to the entire world that true love is blind to outward appearances.

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