This girl gave up her regal rank to marry her lawyer.

The following year, Princess Sachiko would get married. One of the best attorneys in the country will be her future spouse. Because of how well-known he is, people are eager to work with him. The spouse will most likely be given a job in America in fact.

The young man spent a few years back home working at a renowned law firm. His staff informed him that recruiters planned to present him with an employment offer from an American firm. After the wedding, Mr. and Mrs. Miyazaki will presumably travel to America.

They have had numerous opportunity to talk about their sentiments because they have been together for more than eight years.

Because the princess’s grandmother doesn’t particularly like her granddaughter, her family disagreed on who she should marry when the time came to select a groom.

Due to the couple’s condition, the wedding that was scheduled for last year has been postponed “indefinitely.” The princess and her chosen spouse, however, just made their engagement public. According to the princess’s family’s decision, the wedding will take place in Japan at the end of the year.

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