Thinking outside the box: Grandfather came up with a solution as there was no school bus.

Grandfathers frequently want to give their grandchildren special and practical gifts. Grandpa Dug Hayes of Gladstone, Oregon found the perfect gift for his ten grandchildren: a school bus. The grandchildren live in a city south of Portland, and they are all close to one another.

Dug’s wife Amy understood that he wanted to spend more time with the grandchildren when she discovered that the local school didn’t have a transportation system of its own. The distance between the school and the neighborhood where the grandchildren lived was thirty minutes. When Amy suggested to her husband that he take the kids to school every morning, Dug welcomed the idea.

Finding the right bus, however, proved to be difficult.

Dug was looking to buy a modest, roomy car that was also reasonably priced, available, and in good condition. Dug searched for a while before finding the appropriate minibus. In a local auto repair shop, the car was painted to look like a real school bus, and the name “Dedushkin Express” was put on the side.

On the day the bus arrived, the entire family met at Dug’s house for a happy picnic. The children, like their parents, were overjoyed with the gift and posed for pictures in front of the bus.

When the holidays are over, Dug’s grandchildren will be able to board a special bus that is driven by their adored grandfather and travel to school.

This gift is perfect because it allows Dug to spend more time with his grandchildren while simultaneously meeting a basic necessity.

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