The supermodel posted pictures from the past: view a picture of young Irina Shayk.

As we discuss the prospect of a reconciliation between her and her boyfriend and whether or not we are prepared for the announcement of a new addition to the celebrity family, Irina Shayk recalls how she seemed as a youngster.

Black and white photos from the family album that Irina posted on Instagram show her older sister Shayk with her cherished stuffed animal in their mother’s arms. a youth without cameras Family,” the model only wrote on the pictures.

Followers immediately noticed Irina’s motherly resemblance. Your mother is such a beautiful woman, and you are just like her,” an admirer remarked.

I truly prefer your mother to you, someone else said. Even your smile is the same, a third person remarked. We never disagree. Now you know how the supermodel keeps up her good looks.

Remember that Irina Shayk was born in Russia. The girl continued her education after graduation while keeping her position at the modeling agency. Later, she took first place in a local beauty contest and was named 2004’s Supermodel. She attracted the attention of a renowned scout there, who offered her a job as a professional model.

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