The employer with the big heart: The employer gave his employees 400 homes and 1260 automobiles in India.

One of the members of the sales team had a joyful day they won’t soon forget! Never had a boss at a company been so kind and generous as he was on that particular day. The firm owner gave each employee a beautiful condo and more over a thousand cars as gifts.

The figures are remarkable, and it’s hard to imagine how a manager could have achieved this. The same manager, Sivaji Olalla, was highly known for always treating his staff with respect. His diamond sales business generates revenue on a global basis and operates in 70 different nations.

It is not rare for businesses to give their staff such lavish presents.

More than 100 presents of homes and vehicles were given away in 2014. The man has always separated out from the crowd due to his unique parenting and life philosophy. Despite the fact that his child was 20 years old, diamonds did not appear out of thin air.

Along with the meager 7,000 rupees his father sent him to look for work, he also had a few possessions in his suitcase. Only three sets of clothes and a few toiletries were in the man’s bag. The wealthy heir swears that he would always be behind his father.

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