The 90-year-old pizza delivery guy receives $13,000 in tips from the public.

90-year-old Daniel is unable to live a comfortable retirement. Daniel’s social security cannot cover even the bare necessities each month. Consequently, the person was employed as a delivery driver. Every day, Daniel delivers pizza.

On TikTok, his loyal customer Andrei Volkanov wrote a blog post describing how a 90-year-old courier brought his box every day. “Hello, are you looking for some pizza?” was Daniel’s go-to line for drawing customers in.

Volkanov advised them to give the delivery man a tip while also raising the question of whether Daniel’s employment at such a young age was appropriate. Social media users who wished to help quickly joined and contributed up to $13,000.

The package containing the money has already been picked up by the 90-year-old deliveryman. And he grew pretty emotional as he witnessed the joy and kindness of others. It is perfect in every way. He required it. Just thankful that we were able to assist him.

Like he does, we ought to treat everyone with decency and respect. He won our hearts, Volkanov remarked in an interview with Today. Together, people are capable of incredible feats.

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