Selena Gomez delighted her fans by showcasing her genuine beauty in images taken without the use of makeup or other artificial techniques.

Such a well singer and actress Selena has reached a state of serenity and complete acceptance of who she is. She came up with a fresh post-manifesto in the name of being authentic and accepting oneself. The woman didn’t appear to be using any filters, wearing any makeup, or having her hair styled in the image.

It is obvious that Selena did not make an effort to seem as flawless as she did on the red carpet and that she may have even been deliberately highlighting her flaws.

This sincerity was well received; hundreds of encouraging comments and congrats have already been left in the post’s comments section by the singer’s fans.

The singer’s best buddy gushed about her, describing her as “the most beautiful in the world.” Selena is someone we would without a doubt hold in our hands if we ever had the chance to do so because of her undying love for herself and her support of women globally.

It is not surprising that the star’s personal life got better as a result of learning to accept who she is. The duo has already been spotted out on numerous outings despite the singer’s lack of an official declaration.

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