Reality TV actress and Prince’s ex-girlfriend claims that Meghan possessed him.

Her brief relationship with a royal came to an end. Even still, she continues to promote herself at the prince’s expense. The woman claimed in an interview that her ex-husband Harry would never have approved the creation of such a documentary.

In other words, I can no longer recognize him as a person. How is this even possible, I pondered as I watched this program. said the ex-spouse. He struck her as a true gentleman who was extremely commonplace and down to earth. She said that the young prince’s personality change was entirely Meghan’s fault.

The prince’s ideals and priorities were allegedly altered by the princess, who, in her opinion, “cast a spell” on him. Remember how she disclosed their relationship before the first movie teaser aired?

The heir to the throne first met Showwoman in 2006, when Harry was 21 and she was 34. Catherine, who seems to be the only one who thinks this way, believes that the prince should have remained someone else at the age of 38. Magic does not exist; maturation does. What do you think?

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