Good deed: This hairstylist gave a homeless man a free haircut, and the man now resembles a completely different person.

A great haircut can make anyone feel like a celebrity, regardless of their current situation. David Kodat, a French hairstylist, is all too aware of this.

With scissors and a clipper in his hands and clients ranging from well-known football players to average people, David has developed a reputation as a true magician. But it wasn’t until David orchestrated a makeover for a homeless man that he truly rose to fame.

To show the tremendous transformation that may follow from a simple trim, he offered the man a free haircut and posted the results on TikTok.

The man went from seeming unkempt and disorganized to polished and well-groomed. David claimed that as a result of his challenging background, he has a special sensitivity for the needs of those who are struggling.

He had the idea to offer his expertise to them while on one of these expeditions. He participates in a charitable group that offers Sunday meals to the hungry.

He stressed how a person’s outlook on life and attitude may be greatly impacted when their appearance changes so dramatically. He believes that by offering free haircuts to the homeless, a new chapter in their lives might begin. And given that David has previously offered free haircuts to other homeless persons, it appears that this is an ongoing occurrence.

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