Discover how the love of a couple helped them lose 200 pounds together.

It might be challenging to find the drive to concentrate on improving your appearance. Simply put, under such situations, having the support of friends and family is crucial. And if they are willing to contribute both verbally and practically, then this assistance is typically priceless.

Daniel was 127 kg and Sara, 26, weighed 220 kg two years ago. Daniel made every effort to embrace the girl, but he was unsuccessful. But as the years passed, Sara lost 135 kg in a fairly short amount of time.

What did she have hidden? Sara made a promise to herself in a 2016 Internet video that she and her spouse would undoubtedly lose weight. Sara didn’t think the outcome would become obvious so quickly! ‘ We were fairly close during the weight loss journey, my spouse and I.

We changed our lives and bodies in order to become what we desired. Sara also asserts that despite her obesity, her husband never pressured her to lose weight and that he still loved her despite it. Sara posts about her daily accomplishments on Instagram. Right present, Daniel’s weight is 87 kg. Sara wants to lose an additional 3 kg. 80 is her cherished aim!

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