After barely 12 days of marriage, PameIa Anderson’s ex-husband will pay her $10 million.

The 78-year-old producer John is prepared to give up his post as Malibu’s top lifeguard in return for ten million dollars. Despite the briefness of their union—only two weeks!

But let’s get back to the fundamentals. 1989 saw a brief relationship between Peters and Anderson, soon after Pamela moved to California from her native Canada and began to become famous. Even then, the man stood out because of the depth of his spirit. He gave her jewelry, fashionable outfits, and convertibles. But for a brief moment, this is fantastic.

The actress and producer rekindled their romance in 2019 after a 30-year break. Additionally, on January 20, 2020, they were wed. Twelve days later, the couple split up. But John just needed a few days of marriage before he made the decision to leave his wife a sizable sum of money. My day and my heart will always contain a little bit of Pamela.

In my will, I left her the money. According to Peters, who talked with Variety, the money is for her regardless of whether she requires it or not. At this point, we can only be pleased for the actress. After going through so many challenges, she truly deserved this kind of prize.

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