A surfing dog’s owner was seen on camera strolling it through the streets.

Slick streets are generally challenging for people to maneuver, but Bon the cheeky dog enjoys them! The roads in Palm Lauder, Florida resembled rivers in the highlands. Dave thought it would be the ideal time to take his dog to some surfing lessons while everyone else was inside their homes.

The man immediately understood that Bon was a model student. Owner Dave noted that it wasn’t his first time on a board. It called it back when I brought it out and leaped on it (the board). The more seasoned Bon was also more assured because it turned out that the modest waves on the road were far better than the swells on the ocean.

Dave decided they should go forward after some time spent holding his dog by the hands, so he added an e-bike to the possibilities. Thankfully, it was obvious to all how much pleasure the two were having. One of their neighbors saw them and wanted to take a picture of them.

The result was well-liked by everyone. When a neighbor first observed these two engaging in the strange behavior, she quickly reached for her phone to record the amusing scene.

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