A man and a polar bear have been swimming in the same pool as friends for more than 20 years.

Sam Dumas’ first partner, a 68-year-old Canadian, was vital in his international success. She swims in the pool frequently with an unexpected guest—a polar bear—despite the fact that she and her friend have been close for 24 years.

Agee the polar bear has been Sam’s companion for 24 years. Sam is a certified animal trainer. She treats her master as if he were a member of her family and appreciates their time together. She has lived with people since birth and weighs more than 351 kg.

Sam oversaw her instruction personally. She worked for the first time as a young person in 1996; today, she is a movie and advertisement star. The man can’t fathom living without his bear because he has grown so accustomed to her. He asserts that a polar bear’s maximum life expectancy outside of its natural habitat is 36 years.

You won’t ever see something like this on a regular basis. The bear resides in the most opulent environment and has everything she needs. Who would have thought their connection could be that strong? Isn’t that amazing?

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