A dentist travels the globe and offers free dental care to people who cannot afford to visit a doctor.

Filipe assists the individuals under his care in regaining their smiles and faith in the future. The man founded an organization to aid the underprivileged around the world. A trip to the dentist is highly pricey. For individuals who, for a number of reasons, neglected to check their teeth in particular.

Some of his patients can’t be salvaged, thus they need to have every tooth replaced from the root up. In extremely challenging situations, the job is spread out across several months. Filipe claims that in comparison to other organizations, our strategy goes much beyond simply giving away free toothbrushes and toothpaste.

Filipe’s team works with many nations, including Brazil, Kenya, and Mozambique. The database contains information about over 4,000 volunteers. But not everyone offers genuine assistance: Filipe acknowledges that some do leave very quickly.

Support is also required constantly. Take into account the fact that the project’s participants will be traveling with more than two tons of gear. Filipe’s efforts have produced amazing outcomes: His patients have grins straight out of Hollywood. Now, this person truly qualifies as a modern hero. What do you believe this story deserves?

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