A 22-year-old Budapest, Hungary resident paid $165,000 to dress as a Barbie doll for a costume.

The girl spent hundreds of thousands of dollars. Because of how doll-like she now seems, the girl is unable to find work. The young woman claims that her first love was Barbie. When she was 17 years old, she had her first procedure. Playing with Barbie dolls as a young child is one of my first memories.

The young woman continues, “I also started changing into a doll when I was 17 years old.” The teen has since undergone a dozen surgeries in an effort to resemble her cherished doll. The woman met her future husband in 2016, who enjoyed being handled like a “toy” just as much as she did.

He paid for her homework. The girl had worked as the reception’s secretary before being forced to resign because, in her eyes, her charm and beauty made men fall in love with her.

She claims that many people have stopped taking her seriously since she turned into a doll.

Barbara divorced in 2019 and desires a new husband since she enjoys the attention that men give her. The girl is planning the next steps already and doesn’t intend to stop there.

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